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  • Isabel Mays

Review: "it was a really cold winter" - Natalie Kilic

Change can be frightening, especially when you have to go through it on your own. I recently encountered a major change of my own when I graduated college and moved away. I wasn't sure if there would be a song out there that could help me reflect. But luckily, I recently gave Natalie Kilic’s latest single, “it was a really cold winter”, a listen, and I think it perfectly encapsulates my feelings. In the song, Kilic sings about feeling out of place in this new world, and how encountering various changes can make you spiral. But as you adapt, the cold melts away. I think this song was a perfect representation of the feelings of anxiety associated with change, so I really enjoyed this song.

I’m not sure what kind of sound I was expecting this song to have, but I’m obsessed with what Kilic ended up doing with it. With a title like “it was a really cold winter”, I was perhaps expecting the song to be more melancholy and reflective. However, it had a relatively upbeat sound, with an electric-esque instrumental backing. I also think Kilic’s voice stood out well; I think she has an extremely healthy-sounding voice. I also appreciate how there weren’t any belts in the song, I think I would have gotten too distracted if there were. I think every element of this song worked perfectly with one another.

Natalie Kilic is a Turkish singer and songwriter who first got her start in the music industry at 23 years old. Currently based in New York, Kilic has gone on to release a wide variety of songs that relate to the human experience and maturity. Kilic is still a relatively new artist, however! Her debut single, “what do we do”, was released in 2022. “it was a really cold winter” is Kilic’s fourth single, and is expected to be featured on her upcoming EP, Heartbreak Meditation Center. I thoroughly enjoyed “it was a really cold winter”, and I hope y’all did too! Go stream it everywhere now!

Written By Isabel Mays



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