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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Jeffery Dahmer" - Brooke Daye

Brooke Daye is back again with a new single, “Jeffery Dahmer”. While the title alludes to the story of the song being about the infamous serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer, Daye instead uses his name to make a comparison between the pain he caused and the pain of a heartbreak. Daye says that the song was inspired by an ex that she couldn’t get over for a long time. The thought of them would kill her over and over­– hence the comparison to the killings of Dahmer. She says that “Sometimes love feels like death!!”

Daye’s new song relies heavily on typical pop elements like snyths and percussive instrumentation. Her vocals are sweet sounding with an airy quality to her tone. The quick tempo keeps the song having an energetic vibe despite the heavy content material being sung about. Musically, the second verse was the best constructed part of the song. With fast moving lyrics that up the mood of the song, it’s the most enjoyable section. I think while the overall idea of the message is good for people to understand, some lyrics and comparisons can be a sensitive topic considering who is being sung about and would suggest listeners keep this in mind. I would recommend this song for older listeners who have a better understanding of Dahmer and a better understanding of breakups.

Daye has been releasing music since 2019 and currently has 48,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Her continued success has led to her release of a full album and more singles following. “Jeffery Dahmer” is a sneak peek at her newest project, another EP, which has yet to have a release date. Keep an eye out for more Alternative-pop surprises by Daye.

Written By Emily Hancock



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