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  • Ari Schweitzer

Review: "Juliet" - Jem

There’s a certain magic to the way that love stories are always more compelling when put to music. Jem’s latest EP Love me or Lose me is a prime example, and the track “Juliet” makes a callback to Shakespeare and puts it on a colorful tune. The surprisingly funky instrumentals put a groovy twist on the tragedy, yet Jem’s lyrics still illustrate the story of an intriguing romance.

“Juliet” begins with an intimate piano and a swell of ambiences that previews the sonic colors to come. Jem’s beautiful vocals establish a saddened mood with lyrics that try to uplift someone who’s down in the dumps so they can face reality with their chin up, and the chorus hits with Jem singing to her lover about all the potential their future has together. The song’s funky bass and guitar create a sonic palette combining pop, funk, and a hint of math rock into a unique groove that will have you strumming an air-guitar in no time. A surprising upward harmonic shift at the bridge builds up the energy, making the final chorus an all-out groove complemented by a punchy synth riff.

Jem’s latest EP was teased with the first track, “Falling 4U”, being released earlier this year. Following its success, the rest of the EP does not disappoint. Jem’s ability to put her beautiful vocals over songs inspired by hip-hop, jazz, funk, and more give her a unique and addicting sound that keeps you coming back for more. If you’re looking for something groovy and feeling a little romantic, “Juliet” will be the next song stuck in your head.

Written By Ari Schweitzer



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