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  • Megan Cao

Review: "June" - ALIBII

“June” is a dream pop anthem that peels back the flurry of emotions that surround a romantic beginning to a crash-and-burn ending of a relationship that slowly grows more and more toxic. No one ever really thinks they’re going to end up in a toxic relationship until they’re in the thick of it. While the spectacular chorus focuses on the honeymoon aspect of a relationship, once those rose-tinted glasses are gone, the stripped production on the verses contemplates where it all went wrong. Beautifully arranged and meticulously produced, ALIBII plays with your heart as they craft an often relatable story of how your vulnerabilities are taken advantage of to manipulate you.

After the emotional first chorus, the second verse uncovers feelings of guilt and rejection at a lack of effort from the partner. Oftentimes, relationships are not 50-50 split, with each person often feeling that they’ve put in more than their partner has -- but it’s important to meet in the middle and affirm your partner’s feelings, not reject them as a show of power. As the song climaxes with repeated call-and-answer lines building up the tension and unbearable nature of a toxic relationship, suddenly catharsis is released with a heartfelt belt and scream of frustration.

ALIBII, comprised of Courtney Egginton and Will Cumberledge, was an early bedroom pop-oriented sound before they began to tackle larger aspirations, blending dream-pop, rock, and indie pop into a hodgepodge of undeniable jammers. After meeting while studying music in Sydney, they’ve evolved from their humble acoustic beginnings to an aspiration to combine their favorite music influences of indie rock and dream pop. As they aim for releases in early 2024, ALIBII will be playing The Factory Theatre on December 9th supporting Matt Charleston, and playing the Station Bar in the Blue Mountains supporting Club Halifax on December 16th.

Written By Megan Cao


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