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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Just a Kiss (Muah)" - Enisa

Pop artist Enisa has just released a new single, titled “Just a Kiss (Muah)” on October 28th, 2022. Following her recent single “Zoom” this new release is Enisa’s 14th single to date, and it has quickly taken over her top song on Spotify. "Just a Kiss (Muah)" has reached charts all around the world and already has seen massive support from her listeners. Her new song is an undeniably catchy dance-pop track perfect for a night out. It's a song that I could envision being played all over the radio and in the clubs near you.

While listening to Enisa's high-energy and dreamy vocals, I was reminded of legendary pop artists like Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha, and Ava Max. Her new single, "Just a Kiss (Muah)" shows off her skills as a singer and songwriter. With this, Enisa has a very strong pop song full of life with dance and disco elements behind it. This is definitely a song to add to your pop, dance, or girl's night out playlists. Whether you're listening by yourself or surrounded by friends, this track will make you want to move around and belt the chorus alongside the artist. “Just a Kiss (Muah)" has been streamed over 500,000 times on Spotify since its release and her recent music video for this song, which can be seen above, just hit 2 million views. I have high expectations for the future of pop music with Enisa in it.

Enisa is a singer and songwriter from New York. The up-and-coming artist brings her unique soul and hometown attitude to create her own style of pop music. With over 365,000 average monthly listeners on Spotify, her music has been streamed millions of times. Her most popular single, “Count My Blessings” has over 10.8 million plays alone. The young artist started her career making covers in 2015, before releasing her own music in 2016, one year later. Enisa has also received millions of views on her YouTube videos, where she has covered popular songs like, “Titanium” by David Guetta and “Take Me To Church” by Hozier to name a few. She is set on track to be a very successful artist, and has already proven herself as such along the way. Since releasing her first original single, "Burn This Bridge" in 2016, Enisa has put out her debut EP titled “Fake Love”, has released over 10 singles, and has been a featuring artist on a track among G-Eazy and Joeybadass. Enisa has even gone on to represent her home state of New York in “The American Song Contest” earlier this year. You can find her YouTube channel and more through the links below.

Written By Jenna Barton



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