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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “Just Another Minute” - ALIBII

The band ALIBII has created the perfect catchy indie pop single. “Just Another Minute” has a nostalgic feeling that uplifts the listener. The chorus is epic and bound to stay stuck in the audience's head. Throughout the track, the vocals are smooth and compliment the building melody. Although it discusses the feeling of longing, the upbeat instrumental balances the more melancholic lyrics. Overall, this single is a combination of beautiful vocals and a captivating beat.

“Just Another Minute” begins with a male vocalist, Will Cumberlege. Soon he is joined with Courtney Egginton in the chorus. Both singers are able to shine within the song and together their vocals produce an incredible blend. Within the chorus, the song flawlessly transitions from slow and dramatic, into fast-paced and building. The layering of the vocals and the hazy melody after the final chorus also adds to the dreamy bedroom pop vibe.

ALIBII is from Sydney, Australia. The members consist of Courtney Egginton, Will Cumberlege, Katie Helms, and Ariq Sulthan. The band was created as a passion project between Courtney Egginton and Will Cumberlege. They were inspired by their favorite bedroom pop and rock artists to create their indie pop band. Their first project was with the dance artist Exceleon. The group was featured in Exceleon’s song “Paratra”. Following the feature, they released their debut single, “But I”, in 2021.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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