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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Keep Living" - VICTORS

“Forever planning but failing to start.” All of those New Years’ Resolutions made over the years, that never amounted to anything. “Keep Living” sees VICTORS back at it again, supplying us with music that makes both your mind and body move. "We're all just trying to find our way." Truer words have never been spoken. We’re all here on Earth searching for purpose, for belonging, for meaning to it all. I feel like VICTORS just get me at this point, I'd go further to say they get the human experience, which, as we’re all finding out, is a lot more similar than we think. So, here we have it, a song that you can dance to and that gives you internal joy and hope for the future?! Sign me up, I'm all ears!

“Sad and happy go hand in hand.” VICTORS are quite literally speaking to the hearts of millions, no, billions of people. All of earth’s inhabitants can relate to the fact that “sad and happy go hand in hand.” You simply can’t have one without the other, we wouldn’t be able to make it through the sad without remembering or looking forward to the happy and we know that we can’t always be happy. We, of course, look forward to when happy rolls back around, but sadness does build character. “Keep Living” is the reminder to just keep going, it’s not some epiphany or some world-changing aspect of life, it’s the simplicity in “Just keep swimming” as dear Dory told us in Finding Nemo. Speaking about the song, VICTORS has stated “It’s about hitting your mid to late 20s, still being unsure of yourself and where you’re going. Still making those same mistakes and wrong turns, but also realising that that’s what living is, and that we have to just keep going in order to grow and eventually find our way.” This quote certainly brings to mind the old saying “You live and you learn.” Because, when you think about it, living is learning. In most cases in life, you learn things “the hard way” which is by using trial and error, living, making mistakes, correcting those mistakes and, hopefully, not making them again. But even then, if you’re lucky, ya still got time to “make it right” and choose another way. That’s the beauty of life, second and third and fourth and fifth (and so on) chances. As someone who is now in my early 30s, I’m thankful to be in a place where I do feel more comfortable in my own shoes and not as “lost” as I felt in my 20s or going through repeated cycles. Wisdom does come with age, if you let it. “Keep Living” is an open invitation to realize that life is about simply living, enjoying the full ride, not just the “good parts.” This invitation is, of course, coupled with some nice 80s inspired instrumentation and a melody ya can’t pass up. VICTORS has done it again, they can’t miss. The song ends with the words “To keep living on” being repeated, no mistake, I’m sure. In this life, we simply have to keep living – to get to the “good part”, to see what the future holds, until our time is done, we simply must keep living.

VICTORS is a trio hailing from the United Kingdom. The trio consists of Simon Appleson, Leon Davies, and Harry Waterhouse. VICTORS is known for their combination of 80s inspired melodies and electronica, making for a sound exclusive to the band. They describe themselves as “Leeds based dream pop/electronic trio.” VICTORS’ online fan base continues to grow with thousands of followers across all of their social media accounts and approaching 30,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. “Keep Living” is the second single off of the well-anticipated EP from VICTORS, The Hotel. In my humble opinion, “Keep Living” is a worthy second single to follow the first very well-received single “Nothing Seems to Matter Now”. I don’t know about you, but I’m keeping my eyes on all things VICTORS and (im)patiently waiting for The Hotel to release! Follow VICTORS on all socials below to stay in the loop about VICTORS, The Hotel, and to stream their other awesome music!

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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