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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Keepintouch" - Love You Later

As a kid, did you want to become friends with everyone? Chances are, you’re now a people-pleaser. May I present to you ‘Keepintouch’ by Love You Later; a song about reconnecting with yourself and learning to enjoy your own company. “I’m losing touch with everyone else; trying to keep in touch with myself.” Love You Later confronts the overthinking and discomfort she experienced as her friends started to move on. Some friendships are seasonal, and that’s okay! You can make peace with that truth and learn to accept yourself as your own best friend, just like she did!

I strive to write catchy and brilliant lyrics like Love You Later. "Try to slow down, but still don’t know how; I’m overreacting, and nobody knows it.” She knows how to CALL YOU OUT! At the same time, dreamy guitar riffs and ethereal vocal harmonies are like medicine for your deepest wounds. They’re beautiful, just like you are! She understands that these intense emotions aren't just a phase. It takes time to heal. The passion with which she sings is cathartic in itself. This up-tempo alt-pop jam is exactly the infectious melody you NEED for a summer glow-up!

Meet Nashville-based singer-songwriter Lexi Aviles, the genius behind Love You Later. The 23-year-old alt-pop artist has proven to be a master marketer in teasing her latest single ‘Keepintouch’ on TikTok (@heyloveyoulater). Her music is filled with dreamy synths and melodies that will resonate with you on every level. She’s opened for notable acts such as OneRepublic and Dayglow, and she’s even made an appearance at SXSW. Without question, Lexi is an incredibly relatable artist who’s quickly rising to the top! She teased some BTS of a fun music video for ‘Keepintouch’ back in January, so get ready for that to drop soon!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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