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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Kill For You" - Kitty Antix

There are some songs that evoke power and electricity. Songs that make listeners feel as though they are the main character in an action film. Kitty Antix’s new single, “Kill For You” does just that. The exhilarating rock anthem can be described as no less than cinematic. Kitty’s strong lyricism and passionate vocals illustrate the sentiment that love can conquer all. The song’s dramatic instrumentation pairs perfectly with its accompanying message of strength and undying devotion in the presence of tragedy. With strong orchestral effects, epic percussion and the inclusion of distorted synths, audiences experience a sense of escapism to a world of fantasy.

“Kill For You” is inspired by the Marvel show “Wanda Vision”.

“I saw myself in Wanda Maximoff. Her tragic story is heartbreaking. I wanted to write a song that embodied her grief, strength, relentlessness, and love so that I can heal with what I was going through” explains Kitty.

With hints of darkness and dystopia, “Kill For You” immediately presents listeners with intense lyrics such as, “It’s me and you against the world” and “feel the thunder roar, summoning the war”. Kitty’s angelic background hums create a harmonious countermelody that helps add to the single’s allure and ferocity. With the mix of rich baritones and ethereal falsettos, the song showcases Kitty’s impressive vocal range. The fierce chorus features the passionate lyrics, “I’d kill for you” and further establishes the single’s strong sense of love and sacrifice. One would believe Kitty herself has superpowers upon hearing her magical, high-pitched belt in the song’s bridge.

Kitty Antix is an alt-pop singer, songwriter, music producer, actress, guitarist, and dancer. Born and raised in Los Angelas, Kitty began performing as a teenager at open-mic nights and in school plays and musicals. In 2010, she began producing acoustic and electronic dance music. Her 2020 hit single, “Dancing With the Devil” has gained over 2 million views on YouTube and 330,000 streams on Spotify, the platform where she has amassed over 5.5k monthly listeners. Likewise, the rising starlet gained mass traction on TikTok for her 2019 single, “Pennywise”. Kitty Antix’s love for music and exceptional creativity are prominent in all her work and set her apart as a unique and talented artist.

Written By Julia Hooper



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