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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Killer" - Lizzie Esau

"Killer" is the latest release from singer-songwriter Lizzie Esau. It is an empowering track, as Lizzie writes about taking accountability for her self-doubt, and tendency to sit within her sadness. It feels as though the song is an emotional release for Lizzie, leading to listeners also receiving a catharsis through listening to the song. "Killer" provides and example of the personal growth that can arise from calling out a particular part of ourselves, or behavior. In this way Lizzie, leaves her listeners feeling more confident and empowered, while also inspired from the songs adventurous creativity.

The sound and sonic space that is created in "Killer" is both familiar and unique. Lizzie uses her inspirations, and contemporary references to create a song that indie and rock fans know well, while adding her own touch inspired by her personality. There is also a personal and vulnerable angst in "Killer," that sounds very authentic to Lizzie and her truth that she is implementing into her songs. "Killer" from start to finish never has a dull moment, but instead takes listeners through a journey of cathartic highs until the song's end.

Lizzie Esau is a talented twenty-three year old singer song-writer. Lizzie has been developing her passions for music and writing ever since a young age. Ever since putting her penned thoughts into the world Lizzie has made an exciting entrance into the music industry. Lizzie is not only writing amazing songs, but she is making her presence on the live stage known. She has been working with her live band, to perform and develop her live sound. Taking inspiration from artists such as Radiohead and Beabadoobee, Lizzie is on her way toward making her own unique mark on the music industry with her discography.

Written By Alison Holst


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