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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Killing Me Quietly” - Leire

If you have at any point in your life struggled with mental illness, you know how difficult it can be to handle at times. Anxiety and depression are severely inhibiting mental illnesses, so it’s no surprise that they can oftentimes become the basis for the stories behind many different songs. “Killing Me Quietly” was released recently, and stands as a testament to how anxiety can be a serious dampener on the lives of those who struggle with it. Written and sung by Leire, this song was beautifully written and displays the message clearly with a raw passion that left me speechless. The lyrics in this song were written exceptionally well. I even found that I resonated with many of them! “You planned out my funeral like it was a party. Buried me in alcohol, and thought it was funny.”

This song had so many elements to it that drew me in deeper and deeper. As always, I want to talk about the instrumentals first. The song opens with the steady sound of the piano, quietly accompanying Leire’s stunning voice. It’s later joined by the drums. It’s so simple, yet so perfect for the lyrics. Then, there’s Leire’s voice, which I can only describe as hauntingly beautiful. She goes in and out of using her head and chest voice as she sings, but as she belts out, her throat lets out these tiny rasps. Honestly, it’s what really sold the song for me. Those rasps are a result of the raw emotion in her voice.

Leire is a London-based singer and songwriter rising in the ranks as an artist. At the start of her career, Leire busked in the streets of Leicester Square. Flash forward to now, Leire is gaining loads of attention from TikTok and Spotify. She also has shared the stage with artists such as Tom Walker, Rag’n’Bone Man, and Gang of Youths. And currently, Leire is collaborating with the song-writing competition, Eurovision! Leire is bound to be a powerhouse of talent in the industry. I, personally, cannot wait to see where she goes!

Written By Isabel Mays



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