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  • Rachael Bach

Review: "Kindness" - ELBA

The song “Kindness” by Elba is an uplifting, fun anthemic track with a country vibe. It’s all about celebrating yourself and your kindness. With lyrics like “I wanna show myself with gold rings, circus sheets and pretty things / Cause I deserve it, I deserve it” and “I’m good enough when I do my best” Elba creates a positive, forgiving mindset, not letting her past mistakes hold her back from being kind to herself, and not letting others hurt her either. She’s done with negative self-talk because words matter, and she’s choosing to embrace herself, loving all the good parts of herself and embracing the bad. She then proceeds to shower herself with a series of compliments, saying “You’re so awesome, you’re so sweet/ And you’re so freaking kind honey” and then encouraging the listener to sing along and repeat with her by saying “Come say it with me.” This song is the perfect way to start off your day on a positive note. 

I loved how unique the production was, with a funky rhythm created by a bass guitar, as well as a country-sounding guitar and cowbell, all of which create a fun, playful atmosphere that help further uplift the empowering lyrics. All of these elements really made me feel not only empowered to make positive changes in my life, but also excited to make these changes. Positivity should be fun, and when you can bottle it in a song that people can dance and have a great time to, it’s the best way to spread the message. 

ELBA is a catchy indie pop artist with strong vocals and personal lyrics which are vulnerable and heartfelt, while also energetic and festive. Following the successful releases of 'I'm a Dancer' and 'You do You', 'Kindness' marks the conclusion of ELBA's singles leading up the EP release. The 29-year old artist from Thy, the western part of Denmark, has made a name for herself on national radio stations like P3, P4 and P6 BEAT, as well as German Bayern3. Her latest single 'I'm a Dancer' has also found international success, such as NMF in both Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. 

Written By Rachael Bach



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