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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "King of Brooklyn" - ALEJ

ALEJ is making it hard for you not to know his name with each new music release. The young Miami based artist has been busy making music for his listeners ever since he released his first single in 2020. ALEJ makes his presence known once more with the single, “King of Brooklyn '' featuring on his debut album “Luxe.”. His 10 track album explores themes of love, passion, and heartbreak with songs like “Infectious” and “Vanity in the Broken Heart”. The 6th featured track on the album, “King of Brooklyn” takes you inside ALEJ’s mind to a dream he had where he found himself in one of the Boroughs of New York City almost confessing his feelings for his crush. You can feel the passion pour out of his voice while he tells us about these feelings he has for this person as he tries to find the right moment to tell them before it's gone.

If you’re looking for a song to listen to on Valentine's day look no further than ALEJ’s energetic new pop song. The single “King of Brooklyn '' is for those who have the desire to share your feelings for someone you really like. There were so many things I liked about this track as it is a well written and beautifully arranged piece that any lover of pop music will enjoy. His single sets the scene with the lyrics, " You asked me who was the one who drove me mad, I wanted to say you". At this point, the person he likes just asked him who he likes and his lyrics lets us know he didn't admit his true feelings there because he didn't wanna risk what they had. ALEJ's emotions shine through as we discover later in the song he never got to tell this person how he actually felt as he woke up from a dream. The upbeat tempo and high energy reminded me of his single, “Hopeless Romantic", a song that describes the feelings of wanting to be in a relationship with someone but at the same time knowing it will never happen. “King of Brooklyn” is yet another single on track to follow his successful releases so far. With this latest release, ALEJ is letting others know that he is here to make waves in the pop music world. Don’t be surprised to be hearing his name more often in the upcoming year.

ALEJ is a singer and songwriter based in Miami Florida. He knew he wanted to be involved with music since the age of 13. ALEJ was first recognized for his single “Too Famous For Me” back in 2020 and he continues to release music steadily since. The young artist now has a wide discography covering more than 6 singles, a debut EP, and more recently, his first album featuring 10 songs. Following his single “You’re Everything I Ever Wanted”, his new album “Luxe.” was released on platforms at the end of 2022. "King of Brooklyn” is currently the 6th track featured on the album, and has quickly found itself as his most popular song on his Spotify in a short period of time.

Written By Jenna Barton



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