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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "Know Us" - MarkJoseph

Know Us is the latest single from R&B and pop singer, MarkJoseph. This song follows Joseph as he reminisces on an old relationship with positivity. He hopes to make amends and give it another try. Joseph opens the song by declaring, "If I could build a time machine/I'd go back and things would stay/Stay the same." Unfortunately, Joseph realizes he isn't Marty McFly and decides the only way to win him over is with his sweet vocals. The chorus sees Joseph begging his old lover to give him another chance when he sings, "Don't push me away/Can't kick this crave/I wanna know us." What I wanna know is what you put into this song, MarkJoseph, because I can't get enough of it. MarkJoseph, alongside his co-writer, Callie Huber Kiteck, are excellent poets. This is showcased especially in lines like, "Your hands look better with mines wrapped around like a sweater/Let me shield you from the cold/Are you ok with that?" I'm writing this with the hot sun beating down on me in the middle of May and I still felt a chill.

The sonic vibe of Know Us was very chill and reminded me of the optimism one gets when the summer is about to start. The basis of the song is made up of an acoustic guitar riff that reminded me of the tunes I'd listen to as a kid like Hey Soul Sister by Train. The production is then propelled by a drum beat that gives the same energy as Sunflower by Post Malone and Swae Lee and Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift. However, the standout moments of this track were definitely when MarkJoseph's wonderful tenor vocals were shown off. He reminded me of some of the R&B greats like John Legend and Ne-Yo and hit some impressive high notes.

You may not recognize the name yet, but there's definitely a chance you've seen MarkJoseph around. The Berklee College of Music graduate has been a background singer for both the Jonas Brothers and Nick Jonas' solo shows and has appeared with them on the GRAMMYS, Saturday Night Live, and the MTV Video Music Awards, among others. He also has been releasing solo music since 2018 with his debut single, Attached. Know Us is his second single of 2024 following the release of Villain this February. If you're looking for one of the freshest blends of R&B and pop in the game, go check out MarkJoseph's latest single, Know Us, now!

Written by Jordan Elliott


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