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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Late Nights" - Jake Stone

In his debut single, "Late Nights," singer-songwriter Jake Stone has crafted a catchy, low-key, relatable indie-pop anthem about the trials of heartaches and the need to "win" post-breakup. Stone and fellow producer Josh King have an innate ability to write a straightforward narrative. The detailed lyricism truly makes the song come to life. Stone tells the story of an ex who makes the singer sound worse after their relationship. Lines like "Did you really mean what you told our friends? / Cause I really never thought that I'd be the bad guy," and "I remember the way that you framed it / You as the victim when we both know it's blameless," are candid portraits into the feelings of betrayal and confusion that arise in this type of scenario. Stone's vocals also pack a conviction and emotiveness that pair perfectly with the story-telling-based lyricism he achieves. "Late Nights" is an expertly structured pop song.

For as painful and honest as the track is lyrically, "Late Nights" is a melodic earworm sonically. The track employs a dynamic and distinctive framework. A personal favorite detail is the cyclical nature of the tune; "Late Nights" begins and ends with the same wavy guitar riff. These guitar lines not only set up the track's sonic melancholic groove but also coincide with the central story Stone writes of, with the repeated, unwanted feelings one experiences after a relationship ends. Likewise, production from Blake Malone and mastering from Leon Zervos take the song to anthemic heights. With its 80s-inspired drum line and background sparkling synths, "Late Nights" is a robust cut. Its strength aided even more so by Stone's massive chanting vocals in the bridge. It is impressive to hear how thoughtfully detailed Jake Stone is as a songwriter, especially in his debut.

Jake Stone is a 21-year-old Australian singer-songwriter from Melbourne. Even as a child, Stone recalls that music has always been his passion. "Late Nights" is the artist's debut, and Stone plans to continue creating more songs in the indie-pop sphere. His sound so far is reminiscent of musicians like Bastille and Still Woozy. Despite just releasing, "Late Nights" has already amassed over 12,000 streams on Spotify and gained the singer-songwriter nearly 800 monthly listeners. The track has landed on Apple Music's official "Sad Face :(" playlist, as well. "Late Nights" is an excellent debut from Jake Stone that makes me excited to hear what he has coming next. The track is now available to listen on all major streaming platforms.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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