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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Lately" - Hello Sister

Hello Sister has given us an honest look into their lives with their new single, "Lately." The track intertwines authentic emotions, driving the narrative of the song. "Lately" expresses a mix of feelings, ranging between sadness, anger, confusion, loneliness, and boredom. Hello Sister wears their hearts on their sleeves while telling a tale of feeling stuck. Sometimes you just feel stuck and out of place without really knowing why. As high school students, these 3 sisters felt a need to tackle these feelings in an indie-pop song, wearing their hearts on their sleeves and using their instruments to help tell their story.

Hello Sister showcases their nuanced, mature sound in "Lately," featuring memorable melodies and relatable lyrics. The track is driven by an angsty soundscape, meshing aggressive guitar licks and energetic drums to propel the song forward. Giving a captivating performance, the vocals on "Lately" are brimming with passion, conveying the song's intended mix of emotions. The track's fiery instrumentation and vocals build into impactful choruses, leaving you wanting so much more. "Lately" is a compelling addition to the indie-pop world and is the perfect outlet if you're feeling a little lost in life.

Hello Sister is a group comprised of 3 sisters located in Florida. They are a young, talented band having fun playing their own instruments and making music together. The Florida trio is in high school, writing and creating music in the studio together. Hello Sister's journey started in 2017, working hard on music content to share with their fans. The group's genre is a mix of pop-rock, indie-rock, and indie-pop. Hello Sister is similar to acts like Paramore, GAYLE, Olivia Rodrigo, beabadoobee, and Conan Gray. Some of their more popular releases include "tragic," "Just A Little Better," "Middle Schooler," and "Invisible Girl."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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