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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "Leaving You Tonight" - Marissa McRoberts

Leaving You Tonight is the latest single by the new pop princess from Los Angeles, Marissa McRoberts. This track is an independence anthem about breaking the constraints of a toxic lover and "leaving [them] tonight." The first verse sees McRoberts questioning her former partner on their gaslighting, manipulation, and infidelity in the lyrics, "All the things you keep denying/When I literally have it in writing/Tell me that you're not with her/Do you feel it in the way I hurt?" The chorus shows the singer's capability to take her life back when she snaps back with "You know you really let me down/I'm always coming back somehow/But not this time/I'm leaving you tonight." The second verse shows her shifting the narrative to be more in her favor when she sings, "I wonder how you did all this scheming/You really got me to believe that/You were never the reason/I always have the thought of leaving." McRoberts' lyricism on this song could make anyone feel like the most free-spirited baddie in the room.

Marissa McRoberts starts the song off eerily with the first verse given on a dark instrumental complete with distorted voices in the background. McRoberts' defined alto voice is showcased very well here not only because of how beautiful her vocals are, but how well she shows emotion while singing. The song picks up with a dance-pop chorus with an uptempo drum beat and an unforgettable melody. I even got some vibes of R&B and Latin music. Though the chorus may have stayed mostly the same throughout the entirety of the song, it evolved as the song progressed. The second time around, an additional beat drop followed featuring down-pitched vocals reminiscent of Cry Baby era Melanie Martinez. The song's final chorus switches things up even further when she sings it on top of an acoustic guitar riff. You could've told me that this song was an unreleased track from Dua Lipa, Sabrina Carpenter, or Tate McRae and I would've believed you. McRoberts clearly pays attention to what works in modern pop and has put her fresh spin on it.

Though she may currently be a college student, Marissa McRoberts is showing that she's already gotten her master's degree in making pop bangers. After dropping a series of covers on Soundcloud over the last decade, the singer released her official debut single, On My Way Back, last summer. After listening to both songs, it's clear that including themes of self-love and mental health in her music is very important to McRoberts. When talking about Leaving You Tonight, McRoberts said, "I hope that the song makes people want to dance with their friends, reclaim their power, and realize that they deserve better." I definitely felt empowered after listening to this bop. If you want to feel this empowered too, you should stream this song now and if you're in the LA area, catch one of her local shows. It may not be hard to get front row for her now, but I have a feeling that someday soon, you'll be paying Taylor Swift-level prices for her nosebleeds.

Written by Jordan Elliott



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