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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Let Down" - AVE (A Valiant Effort)

"Let Down" is the latest release from pop punk band, AVE (A Valiant Effort). The new track explores the ups and downs of a toxic relationship, including navigating co-dependency. The band shared that “the song ‘Let Down’ is about a toxic relationship that makes the other person feel worthless. The type of relationship that logic says you should get out of, but something keeps you there. It is inspired by a real-life relationship and details the emotional rollercoaster that happened. The song is available everywhere along with a music video. This song is for anyone going through a breakup, or anyone who just loves modern pop-punk vibes.” Making a striking impact on the state of pop punk today, "Let Down" follows the release of their recent singles, "Valhalla" and "Soul Vacancy."

Drawing inspiration from the early aughts pop punk era, "Let Down" is a hook-driven anthem with serious attitude. The song fuses lead singer Michael Myerson's edgy vocals with guest vocalist, Christian Perez. Together, the two deliver angst-filled lyrics and arresting melodies, achieving that classic pop punk catchiness. Staying true to their distinctive style, "Let Down" fuses elements of early pop punk with EDM and hip-hop. The track features a fresh combination of modern electronic beats with driving drums reminiscent of post-hardcore bands. Between the unique fusion of genres and the captivating melodies, "Let Down" is a pleasing new addition to the pop punk world, pushing the genre in exciting new directions.

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, AVE (A Valiant Effort) is an up-and-coming pop punk band. The four-piece ensemble consists of members Michael Myerson, Yegues Schettini, Abel Estrada, and Kevin Schoeppler. Together, the four aspire to be a tasteful culmination of heavy and pop music. AVE's music infuses aggressive guitar licks with catchy melodies, creating something any listener can enjoy. The band is an independent artist with one mission in mind: to make face melting music. They show their true artistry by combining elements of metalcore, hard rock, pop punk, nu metal, and even hip hop. Their unique approach to the pop punk genre is one to remember, and AVE should be on the radar of any pop punk fan.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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