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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Let Go" - KORA

"Let Go" is a piece about when two people within a relationship recognize that their love for one another isn't as strong as it used to be. They both realize that this is the end of their relationship. The ending doesn't necessarily have to be absolutely devastating, it's possible for the ending to be a peaceful transition into living life apart from one another. This piece reminisces on some of the good times they had such as holding one another "above the city lights, under the Hollywood sign," but they recognize that these good times will now stay in the past. Even though this is a piece about love coming to an end, KORA creates such an ethereal and gentle-sounding song that's calming to hear.

The melody of this song is comprised of electronic-sounding beats and sounds that perfectly compliment KORA's vocals. Both of these aspects are light and airy to give this piece such a tranquil tone. The melody sounds like it has a bit of a twinkle to it, and is composed of these gentle tones along with some strong undertones. The contrast of these two aspects in the background makes the melody more interesting. KORA's vocals are a good middle ground for the melody, as it has a tone that's in between the two different tones that the melody presents. With this piece concerning the topic of love coming to an end, KORA is able to make it sound like such a serene situation with how velvety her voice sounds.

KORA is an LA-based female singer/songwriter specializing in Pop and EDM. Her crisp, clean vocals, lyricism with a splash of poetic depth, and passion for capturing the human experience through music elevate her sound. With over 80k combined streams and 1.6 million followers across all social media platforms, KORA has been deepening her purpose within the creative world for years.

Written By Melina Darlas



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