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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Let Me Go" - ARO

It’s always interesting to hear songs from perspectives we hardly see, such as the perspective of the destructive side of a past relationship. “Let Me Go” by artist, ARO, and it’s a song about the speaker understanding the damage they cause to the other person in the relationship and how dangerous they can be. The track is a calm electric pop experience with a clean production style. ARO has a unique singing voice that matches the energy of the song very well and ties the whole song together. What really makes the song stand out is the main character of the song being so open about the relationship and the harm they did to the other person, that level of self-awareness is not seen as often, and it makes the song so refreshing. Overall, ARO has done an excellent job with this track and it’s a song you definitely want to tune into.

The sound at the beginning of the track is captivating and it does a good job at capturing listeners attention. The lyrical content of the song really builds this dark setting that paints a clear picture of the nature of the relationship being discussed. The beat throughout the song gets stuck in your head in a good way and its versatility means this song is perfect to listen to in different situations. The chorus is catchy as well and creates a nice energy. As mentioned before, ARO has a captivating voice that is very unique and enhances the listening experience. The line “I’m a natural disaster” really gets the point across that the speaker understands how difficult she can be and it’s a very hard thing to admit and that amount of transparency makes the speaker much more likable. The story behind “Let Me Go” is one you find yourself so attracted to and the pairing with the dark electro-pop sound makes the perfect combination you want to keep listening to.

ARO is an artist based in LA who uses her songwriting to uncover parts of herself and grow as a person. She is very open about her own experiences in her music as she hopes that it has the opportunity to help people who are willing to listen. ARO herself has spoken up about how she enjoys portraying the darkest parts of herself instead of hiding them away, and it’s what makes her such a unique artist. She enjoys combining different elements from different genres such as alternative, electronic, pop, R&B, and more. With all this exploration, she is able to find her unique sound and aesthetic that perfectly captures who she is as an artist and a person. ARO is definitely a stand-out artist that deserves more attention and will keep listeners interested.

Written By Chantal Charles


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