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  • Joselyn Jimenez

Review: "Let Me Go" - THOMASINA

We’ve all been in that relationship. The one you think is going to last forever. You’re both so engrossed in each other’s lives that the years pass, and the relationship becomes what I like to call a trap door built on routines and an entanglement you have in each other’s social lives. You both know this isn’t right but you’re complacent. The love is still there but at some point, despite the constant effort, your world’s stopped colliding. But you try anyway. From the start of “Let Me Go” by Thomasina until the end, we are addressing the elephant in the room. There is no bitterness just the revolving fact that despite our best efforts, some things, relationships, and situations just aren’t meant to last forever. No matter how much we care about them. No matter how much love there is. It’s a song I wish I would have had years ago when choosing to let someone go. It’s raw and relatable.  

Don’t misunderstand me though, while the ending in “Let Me Go” is amicable, it is still heartbreaking. Thomasina’s breathy vocals convey the emotional exhaustion of someone who realizes that the relationship is falling apart at the seams, and she just desperately wants to be free. Thomasina opens with “It’s a pretty nice world we’ve made, you come home, and we stay up late, your dishes on the counter and I always forget to put away my socks”. In this way, “Let Me Go” feels like a long dreaded conversation. The “we need to talk” and we know what comes at the end of that conversation. It’s immersed in the little details you overlook in a relationship and the routines you create. Thomasina is reminiscent of the life they’ve been building while fully aware that it wasn’t always what it seems especially with lyrics like “And we forget sometimes but your parents were shitty, and it's a long way down but we're getting close every day”.

“Let Me Go” is a steady somber build that focuses primarily on Thomasina’s soft, melodic vocals with accompanying piano keys that change in tone as the conversation-heightened emotions switch. During the chorus, there is a sudden register of hope in the tone of the music and vocals when Thomasina sings “I know someday you’re gonna look back when you hold someone like that you’ll know, you’ll know, you’ll thank yourself for letting me go, let me go”. There is an old saying about meeting your person and knowing then why your past relationships never worked and Thomasina pays homage to that. Especially when she sings “You feel it too, this isn’t home”. “Let Me Go” is filled with raw emotion for the death of a love that cannot move forward. Not because there isn’t love but because both parties have slowly fallen out of love and are left with nothing but the comfort of being with someone because “you don’t know any other way”. It highlights the complexities of relationship compatibility and the trap of complacency. It’s a beautifully written and heartbreaking song for when it’s time to walk away from someone you love because you know it just isn’t right.    

            With a talent for emotional lyricism, Thomasina has been forging stories of life through her songs since she was 14 years of age. The now 23-year-old has spent the last six years playing over 400 shows, proving that she is carving out her spot permanently in the music industry. Her music is emotional and innovative which is showcased beautifully through her versatility from evocative melodies like “Let Me Go” and more upbeat tracks like “All My Love”. Thomasina states that she hopes songs like “Let Me Go”, which is part of a three-song EP “A Long Way Down” that, can be a comforting shoulder that finds people when they need it. You can stream "A Long Way Down" on Spotify on March 22nd.

Written By Joselyn Jimenez



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