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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Let's Talk" - Olivia Booth

Let’s Talk is a powerful pop ballad that is sure to pique the sympathy of anyone with a vested interest in men’s mental health and the stigma seemingly surrounding it. Olivia Booth uses her mellifluous voice to shine light on an issue that isn’t discussed nearly enough in today’s machismo-centric society. The message is clear, men should be able to speak freely on the status of their mental health in order to seek the help and support they may need; with Booth herself declaring “don’t suppress it is the message”. The lyrics of Let’s Talk are sure to resonate with all those concerned in the negativism surrounding the male psyche, as reflected by Booth’s harmonious chorus “You don’t have to hold it in, you just have to let me in – let’s talk”.

Booth channels her inner Adele on Let’s Talk, using poeticism to spotlight a topic so many of us find difficulty in addressing. There is an air sweetness that radiates from the delivery of her lyrics, complimented by her background vocals which serve to reinforce the gravity of the message being delivered to her audience. The dulcet string arrangement found throughout the song is a delightful compliment to her vocal melody and each section is tied together nicely by the repetition of a soothing background piano. The listener is sure to be entranced by the easy listening nature of this contemporary pop ditty, as they are serenaded by a gifted female vocalist determined to bring the subject of men’s mental health out of the shadows and into the limelight.

Olivia Booth is a singer-songwriter from Warrington, in the northwest UK, who is currently studying Songwriting at BIMM University in Manchester. She can be found performing all over the UK, either as a solo acoustic artist or in tandem with her band, rocking venues from Liverpool to London. Her sound is self-described as “a blend of pop, rock, folk, indie with a splash of country storytelling” specifically designed to “take the listener on their own emotional journey”, as expressed by the warmhearted sentiments woven into her songs. In 2020 Booth participated in Open Mic UK at The O2, the biggest nation-wide search for unsigned talent, and advanced all the way to the Grand Finals. This youthful pop starlet has shown no signs of slowing down and is surely someone to keep your eyes on as she continues to progress as one of the UK’s most promising independent female artists.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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