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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Let The Fire (Phoenix Remix)" - Lynda DeFuria

Some artists use the remix as a way to overhaul a song's foundation, but they just as easily be an avenue to explore artistic choices that weren't made in the original production. New York—based artist, Lynda DeFuria takes this more subtle approach to reimagining her 2022 track "Let the Fire," with the new "phoenix remix." The track remains grounded in the belting catharsis of its former incarnation, but pulls the anthemic dance-pop into the direction of club-pop. The first song busted through the door with a chimeric fusion of pop-rock, balladry, and dance-pop. Once the brand new remix wraps its first chorus, the original's rock-infused drums are replaced by club beats and the acoustic guitars are replaced by strobing synths. It's an electrifying change, but the daring defiance at its heart remains the same between versions. As an ensemble responds to her calls, shouting "it might be worth the hurt," its equally as invigorating.

With the electronic edge given to "Let The Fire (phoenix remix)," some of the lyrics shadows are deepened. "Once it takes ahold, there's no one who can save you," she sings in the opening over nothing more than a synth. The echo on her vocals pull its helplessness into a void. A chimey, club synthline enters as she declares, "I'll rise again." It keeps the song's momentum on simmer, building up into a burning phoenix, as the title suggests. Fans of the original will be initially surprised by the shift in momentum, drawing out the build-up, but the climactic peak hits even harder for it. "Now I know," layers of DeFuria's voice call into the sky in the closing moments. It's ascended to an ephiphany.

New York—based singer-songwriter Lynda DeFuria has built a career of versatile and impressive performances. From performing at the Lincoln Center to national TV's "Showtime at the Apollo," the Vegas-born star is a powerhouse in dynamic vocal performance in both music and theater. She released her debut album, Ticking Clocks, in 2013, but has not slowed down since. "Let The Fire (phoenix remix)" is a new version of the song of the same title from her 2022 EP, Keeping Time. The track released as a part of a new, deluxe edition of the EP with brand new reimaginings and remixes. You can check on the "What's New" on DeFuria's website (linked below) for updates on what creative projects she's currently partaking in.

Written By Andy M.

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