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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Letter to My Future Lover" - Live in Color

“Letter to My Future Lover” is an infectious song that combines the catchy hooks of pop with grittier rock. A powerful testament to their dedication and craft, this song has taken them nine years to perfect-- with a bold and uplifting sound, it’s clear to see the maturity that lines the voices and sounds of Live in Color. Thoughtful and provocative, the lyrical craft that Live in Color utilizes to create a narrative to connect to their audience might be one of the standouts on the track. Beyond another pop-rock group, Live in Color takes the time to address and be fun, genuinely giving their advice to those who might feel as though they don't have a voice.

“Letter to My Future Lover” is a bright and hopeful song about dedicated to the next partner, but also written for a reflection on oneself. Live in Color’s wavering yet determined voice only serves to prove the intimate and personal nature of this song, adding in personal vulnerabilities to bear out. With bright and colorful sounds, Live in Color certainly lives up to its namesake, with production styled so irrefutably as themselves. Showcasing their bold spirit, this band of five courageously charge into the unknown after a long hiatus like they’ve never left, coming back just in time to take the world by storm.

Hailing from the idyllic city of Jonkoping in Sweden, Live in Color is a pop-rock group that deftly harnesses their adventurous spirit within their musical endeavors. Established in 2018, the band comprises of three gifted brothers -- Jesper, Anton, and Linus -- alongside the talents of Tim and Melker. After the release of their debut album “One World” in 2019, audiences got a glimpse of their sonic tapestry defining their signature sound. Notably, their single “Catch the Feeling” was selected as the official soundtrack for the European Universities Rowing Championship, showcasing the band’s aptitude for creating music that resonates across diverse audiences. In 2023, their single “A Better Me” received international attention, securing airplay on BBC1 Extra and led to a nomination at the Hollywood Independent Music Awards, further cementing their global music presence. Live in Color is not one to miss, and they have big plans coming up in 2024.

Written By Megan Cao



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