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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "LEXI (MAKE TIME)" - Chris Buxton

As summer dwindles to a close, artists are pushing to get out those last few songs that fit the audience's current vibe. The rush to create the perfect song of summer has seeped into every artist’s mind, and Chris Buxton has followed suit. He created a track full of an airy, dreamy vibe describing a perfect love titled “LEXI (MAKE TIME)”, that is truly a fantastic song to end the season with. Coming off of an EP release titled “Beautiful Disaster”, Buxton is now in the works of creating a counter EP titled “LITTLE BIT OF YOU”, with this track being the second song released for it. This second EP is a happier take on life, with less wistful and angsty vocals and a calmer backing track, and lyrics full of love and appreciation for his girlfriend, the namesake of this song.

Buxton gives a healthy break from the typical view artists have about women nowadays. It seems like every other artist is talking about their constant partying and bad decisions, but not Buxton. The chorus of this song is full of devout promises to his love, where he sings lyrics like “Gotta make time for two / ‘cause every time we touch I feel alive” and “Lexi you’re the one thing on my mind”. The song itself is upbeat and full of popping drum beats and an electronic synth throughout the background, aiding the carefree and happy attitude. This relationship is safe and secure, and all Buxton can do is write about how in love he is.

Chris Buxton is the professional name of singer and record producer Joshua Reid. He is 26 years old, and from Rock Hill, South Carolina. He has over 5,000 monthly Spotify listeners, and has been making music professionally for the last 6 years. Buxton’s vibe has dipped into the indie-pop world, and has only solidified since his start. He writes about his personal experiences in life, which allows his audience to connect with him. He has been placed on rising star lists, and has gathered attention in magazine and radio segments praising his new releases. Make sure to follow the social media accounts below to stay tuned for more new music from Buxton.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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