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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "LIFE'S A MESS" - The Tyne

Falling in love is made out to be one of the best things in life; but in this case, The Tyne doesn’t agree. Their single, “LIFE’S A MESS” is an anti-love anthem about how having romantic feelings kind of suck. It’s okay to not believe in love because of something that happened in the past, it’s probably never happened to you before, or you just blatantly don’t believe. Any of those reasons can give people different perspectives and opinions on the idea. I like to call myself a hopeless romantic with way too many high expectations, but I have to learn how to maybe tone it down a little bit because the high expectations are what makes me feel the emotions from this song. Love can be complicated, but it’s kind of rewarding to learn from the mistakes, so you don’t make it again. Most of the time, we follow our head (which is okay sometimes!) and disregard our hearts; both can lead to a good decision, but one is more fulfilling—the heart.

At the start of the track, The Tyne delivers a heavily punk-pop and rock soundscape with an electric guitar and percussion that reminds me of 5 Seconds of Summer's older songs. They have a unique and energetic sound that makes you want to jump from your seat and vibe to the music. Their strong vocals are enhanced with the beat to create a sound that is uplifting and moody. The consistency of their vocals carries throughout with subtle changes in tempo but still coming out with the same, powerful energy. The tone of voice and tune compliment each other which creates a liveliness mood. It makes you want to sing along, blast the song in your room, and dance around freely because you’re also anti-love. The lines, “F*ck falling in love” is sang many times throughout with the same passion to remind the listener of the message with this track.

The Tyne is a trio band consisting of the members, Cooper Stout, Ryan Lofthouse, and Josh James. They formed in 2019 with just Stout and Lofthouse based in the Northeast but later recruited James in early 2020. They were unable to build a music connection because of the pandemic but got to bond over social media and shared song ideas. They’ve built a following of over 400,000 followers on TikTok in their parent’s back gardens. The band released their debut EP “BORN ON THE INTERNET” with Slam Dunk Records in August 2022 with a collection of songs that showcase their confidence and blend of contemporary pop-punk. They wipe out outdated tropes of the genre that shows their unique musical talent! They have their own sound with the love of pop-punk and wanting to bring in other genres to experiment. The Tyne is a band you won't regret checking out!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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