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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Lights Out" - Daniel Hayford

“Lights Out” is a dark pop anthem that captures the feeling of craving silence and stillness in a constantly moving world. The world can sometimes feel ever changing, unstable and unfamiliar. But yourself, that is what feels comfortable and straightforward. Your mind is where you feel safe, but you never know how much of that uneasiness with the world comes from the world or within yourself. You search for peace and fulfillment from the unpredictable world, but self-doubt and overstimulation can consume you. It feels like a constant battle both within your head and with the world. You limit your senses and close yourself off inside the comfort of your own home. These coping mechanisms are reliable and all you may know. It can feel never ending, never changing, so you keep the lights out and your phone on silent and some peace may come to you.

Daniel Hayford’s latest single is a soothing synthesized dark pop anthem paired with similarly feeling vocals and lyrics. The most standout aspect of this single comes from Hayford’s intriguingly soothing vocals. As he sings of every anxiety and uneasiness experienced, his voice teeters on being uneasy itself. It sounds almost sad at some points which greatly reflect the lyrics of feelings of anxiety about yourself and the world. His voice eases its way in and blends precisely with the dark synthesized instrumental. It is easy on the ears in a way opposite to the messages hand delivered to the listeners. Its occasional high synthetic chords offer a unique diversion from the introspectively dark subject matter.

Daniel Hayford is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. He has been creating unique and introspective songs from as young as 16. He has a broad range of artist inspirations, such as Paramore, Beyoncé, Killswitch, Zedd, and Mac Miller. He makes sure to incorporate his own personal experience and feelings within his lyrics. He describes his own music as “bubblegum” but he enjoys branching out into different genres and creates music uniquely tailored to him. He is regularly featured as a star and new artist on multiple music blogs and accounts and has secured himself a respectable place within the music industry. Make sure to follow him on social media and give “Lights Out” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray


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