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  • Abigail Mornhinweg

Review: "Like a Song" - OSKA

OSKA has released her new single, “Like a Song.” With this release marking OSKA’s first release of 2024, fans are eagerly awaiting to hear more. “Like a Song” talks about is a fun, upbeat acoustic song talking about how OSKA has this partner who makes her feel like a song. How does one feel like a song? “Like [OSKA] could believe in something bigger than [herself].” While there are other parts of OSKA’s life, she wants to “skip ahead just to be with [her partner],” treating life like a movie. OSKA makes it clear that this person has an infectious energy about them and that she wants them around in her life, choosing to say so through a song about this person and how they make her feel.

This song is so cute! I really enjoyed how I could put this on in the background to be able to have a dance party in my room. It really encapsulates the feeling of how a person can affect the life of another: the production of “Like a Song” feels like a hug in a song, very uplifting and very soft. It makes you feel like how OSKA expresses herself in the lyrics. It’s all very positive and smooth; even OSKA’s voice is made to feel like it’s intentionally soft and made to match the production of the song. Her voice feels so soft compared to how some songs that are meant to feel like this song. It fits perfectly and really lets the feeling of the song take over. It all meshes together quite nicely!

OSKA is an Austrian singer-songwriter. Growing up in a smaller village in Austria, she first moved to Vienna at 18 to pursue her music career. First starting out as a featured artist to many other artists, OSKA started releasing her own music in 2020 before releasing her debut album, My world, My love, Paris, in 2022. Other works of hers include the EP, Honeymoon Phase, which was released in 2021, and the song “pretty by night” featured in the Amazon Original Motion Picture Silver and the Book of Dreams. While this might be her first release of OSKA’s in 2024, fans are eagerly awaiting more. You can keep updated by following her social media, linked down below, and catching her at SXSW this week. 

Written By Abby Mornhinweg



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