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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Like I Care" - Nikita Lev

Have you ever had a day where you needed to step away from your regular busy schedule and just go somewhere else to let your mind breathe? Especially when we overwork ourselves, sometimes our brain shuts down completely once we finally have a moment where we have nothing to do. You begin to zone out, or your mind wanders to other places. In her song "Like I Care", Nikita Lev describes the nonchalant thoughts on a rainy day in New York City as she just wanders around in a careless, "out of it" type of mood. Its good to take a break every once in a while, but at the same time, taking too much time alone with just you and your thoughts can get out of control.

In the lyric video, Nikita takes us on a quiet, solo journey. The music style is soft; it's very folk in nature and reminds me of the folklore/evermore albums by Taylor Swift. The guitar pattern is stunning and emotional; it also feels like it could've been part of The Hunger Games movie soundtrack. The lyrics start with a very relatable kind of situation. "This is to the stranger who passed me the other day / While I was sitting wasting away / On a New York park bench. You said some things on the phone / couldn’t catch 'em all / But I hope your mom’s feeling well." We're all guilty of overhearing conversations in the public, maybe trying just a little too hard to listen. The story continues as Nikita films raw footage of her day all alone until she is walking the streets at nighttime, still surrounded by strangers which really matches what the song is about well.

Nikita Lev is a New York City native artist who just recently moved to Los Angeles, California. Although she sets no boundaries for the type of music she makes, she best describes her sound as indie folk/rock with a voice compared to artists like Lana Del Rey and Phoebe Bridgers. She grew up in a family of music lovers and classical performers, learning how to play the flute and piano at a very young age. By the age of ten, she was also playing the guitar and writing songs. To date, Nikita has written over 200 original songs that we've yet to hear. "Like I Care" is her second officially released single, her debut single being "Elegance" that released earlier this year. Just two weeks ago, Nikita released her third single, "Nothing Has Changed" and she plans to release at least one more single as well as her first full EP soon.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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