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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Like I Do" - Melanie Wehbe

Mental health. A buzzing topic in this day and age. We’re often given the advice to love ourselves the same way that a friend would. But learning to “love yourself” is a tough journey that requires a great deal of exertion. That shouldn’t stop you though! ‘Like I Do’ by Melanie Wehbe is about self-love and giving yourself permission to be authentically you. “No one’s gonna love me the way I’m gonna love you, so I’m just gonna love like I do.” As you’re in the driver’s seat of your life, you can be your own cheerleader! Like Wehbe, you have the power to change the script. Listen to your heart and allow yourself to feel the same love that you share with others!

The intro to this song is amazing! With a quick “Like I do,” Wehbe sets the vibe with a bang! She commands your undivided attention, as if saying, “I’m here now! Listen up!” Accompanied by 80s synths and powerful downbeats, Wehbe’s confident vocals astound and amaze as she unveils her innermost thoughts. “I just can’t believe I put my heart in silence, but when you’re lost that’s what you do.” I think what’s amazing about Wehbe is how she approaches her darkest emotions with a legendary level of compassion. She acknowledges them, but she also forgives her past self for not knowing how to give herself love. These beautiful soul-searching moments in the song are such great advice!

Multi-platinum synthpop artist Melanie Wehbe grew up in a musical family, where she learned to express herself through music. As an extension of herself, Wehbe’s very personal writing style is authentic and captivating, often revolving around self-acceptance and identity. Her talents in this arena have led to her writing two entries for Eurovision Song Contest and two Swedish Idol winner songs. She’s also been featured on the cover of QX Magazine, Sweden’s most popular LGBTQ+ publication. Along with several #1 hits on Spotify and radio, Wehbe is truly in tune with herself. As a result, she’s a great role model for creatives everywhere. ‘Like I Do’ spearheads her new EP ‘Bloom’ which comes out later this year!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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