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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Like That" - Keyes

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling to experience, but it can also be really scary. It's a life-changing moment that can leave a mark on you forever. Especially when you've been hurt before, sometimes it's hard to believe that anyone could love you in that unconditional way you're looking for; and when you finally do find someone who treats you right, you ask yourself, "is this too good to be true?". All you can think about is how you don't want this perfect feeling to ever go away. "Like That" by Keyes highlights that moment when you realize you're falling in love, but don't want to be hurt the way you have been before. The chorus exclaims "Why you treat me so good like that / There's no way out, I'm hostage in my feelings, and you know that / So don't let go of me".

Written by a ghost writer, Keyes was handed this song to make her own. She came up with the melody and the unique soft-pop soundscape to match the incredible emotion within the lyrics. The instrumentation is minimalistic, but in a hauntingly stunning type of way, giving the vocals a chance to shine through. Keyes describes the sound as "hypnotic", which hypnotized is how most of us feel whenever we fall into this deep of a love with someone. "Like That" was perfectly crafted to embody this feeling of a new, exciting yet terrifying time that most of us will experience at least once in our lifetimes. It's a dreamy, ethereal type of song that will leave you in a trance.

Keyes is a female producer and pianist from Melbourne, Australia. She has been playing piano ever since she was a little kid, but has found a passion in production. She has a home studio where she records with artists and she kicked off her production career in 2022 when she released her debut single, "Only You." Since then, she's done collaboration projects with artists like Jackie's Boy, Erin Pierson, Shelley Segal, and Marco $olo. "Like That" is Keyes' first release of 2024 and it's been released as an NFT to be collected on! Make sure to follow Keyes below to catch what she does next.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole


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