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  • Gillian Mena

Review: "Lil 5i5" - Cassie Marin

Starting with an electric pop background, Cassie Martins “lil 5i5” brings an upbeat mood to the table. With well thought lyrics in conjunction to the musicality of the background her newest single showcases her talent as an artist. While the background music of the song is upbeat and catchy, the lyrics tie everything together. As a whole an upbeat electric pop song is formed that is both catchy, as well as pleasing to the ear as a result of the various musical tactics present in the song.

The song utilizes a mix of beats, background music, as well as vocals to tie together the song. One of the most notable aspects of the song itself is the lyricism and the lyrical breakdown within the various sections of the song. Within the beginning verses she utilizes the lyrics to go with the beat in order to make the song flow, but during the bridge the speech pattern changes. This not only changes the flow of the song, but emphasizes her words during this portion of the song. In the chorus she once again alters the flow to go smoothly with the beat allowing for a catchy chorus. Between her lyricism and the various flows of this song Cassie creates an exceptional display of musicality.

Cassie is a Los Angeles based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Since her 2016 debut with her songs “SOS” and “Love me well” she has gained over 19 thousand monthly streamers. This summer she will be releasing a 19 track album that she has written to display inner hardships, utilizing these hardships to empower herself and grow. If “Lil 5i5” is any indication of her work, what will come with this new album is sure to be a hit.

Written By Gillian Mena



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