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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Lilith Limerence" - Maijah

Maijah’s newest single “Lilith Limerence” is an intense and sultry song that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of a fierce infatuation (even with someone she barely knows). The dark soundscape paired with gasps and heavy breathing in her intro draws the listener right in, and electric guitar riffs in the background are scattered throughout the intro and the rest of the track. She dubs over with an almost insane laughter, alluding to how crazy this crush is making her feel. She feels addicted to him, and she perfectly balances the feeling of power she holds over him with her feelings of anxiety about the feelings not being reciprocated.

Her lyrics tell her story perfectly, and the instrumentation highlights the chorus as the background calms, leaving just her voice. Before the explosion of the chorus, she sings, “Love it when you call me just to call me crazy / Know I barely know you but I love you baby”. She continues in the rest of the song to manifest about their future children, proclaiming that she will do anything for him (but let him leave her, of course). The bridge layers all of these elements together in a feverish whirlwind of emotion and a repeat of her original lyric. Her voice drips with sass and allurance, almost casting a spell on the listener. The instrumentals end before the song itself, leaving just Maijah’s voice as she concludes, “You should be in love with me.” Girl boss.

Maijah is a singer-songwriter known for making ‘main character music’. Her style is similar to that of Ariana Grande and Doja Cat: girl power lyrics and electric soundscapes, as well as beautiful vocals. She mixes in stories about mental health and real life issues, as well as songs that include the glittering and upbeat pop style that her audience knows and loves. There are also many references to spirituality and astrology in her tracks. She has been releasing music on Spotify since her 2021 single, “Higher Self”, and has amassed almost 130k monthly listeners since then. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from Maijah.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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