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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "Linger" - Simone

Simone has just released a brand new heartbreak anthem entitled, “Linger,” and the title says it all. The track suggests a profound struggle Simone has been experiencing in regard to lingering emotions and memories about a past relationship. A significant lyric, “I’ve done everything I can to forget, somehow you still linger” summarizes the song’s themes of loss, emotional pain, and the human experience. Simone reflects on the difficulty of closure by including very personal lyrics such as, “Now I can’t watch that show anymore.” Such a specific memory may cause a resurgence of painful emotions for many who listen to the track, and this is all due to Simone’s ability to make songs which are both intimate and accessible to her audience. Comprehensively, Simone does a fantastic job of conveying her heartbreak through the lyricism of this song.

While the lyrics replay bittersweet moments of her relationship, Simone sings with plenty of passion. “Linger” is slow-tempo and filled with melancholy, breathy vocals. The chosen vocal technique involves the singer allowing more air to pass through her vocal cords, creating a whisper-like sound quality. This evokes the same sense of closeness and intimacy as the track’s lyrics. Simone’s intriguing voice is accompanied by the harmonious and subdued acoustic instrumentals of the track. The song’s production is impressive as both Simone’s voice and the guitar sound captivatingly clear and textured. Combined, these elements synthesize to create the introspective and heartbreaking song which is “Linger.”

Born and raised on the Upper West Side of New York City by a musical family, Simone has always been surrounded by a rich musical heritage. The result was an environment which nurtured her talents, leading Simone to create music from the young age of 12. Now, one could only describe her sound as a unique blend of pop and indie rock. She has stated in the past that writing music is not only therapeutic her, but she finds solace in the process. With a spectacular 23,321 monthly listeners on Spotify, Simone has already made an influential mark on the music industry. Some of her popular tracks including, “Kissing Strangers” and Nevermind,” showcase her versatility and relatability as an artist. Intriguingly, this relatability extends beyond musical platforms. Simone boasts a substantial following on TikTok with 234.7k followers. She engages with her audience through funny videos which cleverly integrate her musical talents, and has found plenty of success doing it. Recently, she traveled across the country on “The Open Book Tour.” The tour included a number of acoustic shows set in various bookstores including cities in Washington DC, New Jersey, and Ohio. If you’d like to watch Simone continue to evolve and share her amazing artistry, follow her on all social media listed below!

Written By Casey Hascup



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