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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Little Bird" - JAÏNDA

The fear of opinions from other people can trap us in a cage, stopping us from pursuing our passions. It stops us from pursuing activities we’re interested in, which would have led to discovering more about ourselves, and finding peace in that. Judgemental people and social media have made this challenging, which has led many of us to hesitate and second guess expressing ourselves whether it's in a post, or something we’d like to say or do. It sounds pretty crazy considering the simple concept of having free will in this world, but we all go through it. In JAÏNDA’s song “Little Bird,” she shares the little things that give her peace in life, while also thinking about new things she thinks she’d find joy in, and how much better trying them out would feel if she no longer worried about what other people might say about it.

JAÏNDA says that contemplating new things you’d like to do and sacrificing your happiness or new passions because of the fear of others’ opinions should have been thrown out the window as a child. I agree because the inner peace and confidence we would’ve gained and found from then until now would have been incredible. Being happy, glowing, and enjoying the world of free will is our birthright. Trying things out, and not knowing where it’ll take you, but enjoying yourself along the way without anyone stopping you is such a cool ride through life: “Driving in my car without a destination. Underneath the stars, it’s such a strange sensation. I don’t know what I’ll become.” JAÏNDA continues exploring all the things she’s ever wanted to, only to find a sense of beauty in the world that she's never seen before. The verse, “Climbing high trees, a great big world to see. What I used to be feels like a cage to me. Little bird, little bird, stop hiding your wings now” is JAÏNDA realizing how far she’s come in the process of growth and self-discovery. She now sees what it's like to stop hiding the wings that she had all along to help her fly and be free. She has freed herself from the cage of fear and is getting to use her wings to let go and explore the world. “See my feathers shine, iridescent mine, Dreams all come alive”, she’s a beautiful little bird that has learned how to fly!

JAÏNDA is a 20 year old singer-songwriter based in Amsterdam. She’s been performing since the age of 10, but as a teen, she earned the position as the frontwoman for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, as well as winning the Dutch national Kunstbende Young Creators Festival.  Since then, she’s been on TV, performing at venues, and releasing songs. She has nearly 10,000 monthly Spotify listeners, with her most streamed song being “Seconds, Minutes, Hours.” “Little Bird” is 1 of 5 songs from her newest EP “Little Bird,” which was released on December 8th. Keep up with JAÏNDA by clicking on the links below, and check out “Little Bird” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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