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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Little Man” - MICHA

There’s something so special about songs that tell a story. Imagine it like you’re reading a book. You can envision what’s going on just by reading the words. The same thing goes for music! In MICHA’s newest single, “Little Man,” you get to hear the story of a mother who worries for her son, unsure of how to help him. It’s a hauntingly beautiful message that relates to so many people. And the lyrics left me with a feeling of both unease and contentment. “She said / Oh my child I wanna see you smile again / I miss my little man I miss his light / The shadows in your room are ready to attack / And I’m terrified you’re gonna lose the fight.”

It's kind of like how I said before, there is something so haunting about this song. Maybe it’s because it’s from the perspective of the mother. It would make sense, but I think it may be because of the song's simplicity. Lyrics sung by one person, with one instrument. I think solely using a guitar was a bold but smart move. It allowed me to truly respect and appreciate the lyrics without being distracted by an over-the-top musical accompaniment. It was all perfect.

As a solo artist, MICHA is still pretty new in the industry. However, you are likely to have heard his name in other places! He’s still young, but he sounds like he’s had years and years of songwriting experience under his belt. At the start of his career before the pandemic, he found himself a part of the duo group, Micha and Julia. The duo got a little under 3 million streams by the end of the year, but soon after, MICHA began to work on his solo career. Currently, MICHA is working on his solo career in Nashville, and is set to perform at more than 40 different locations on tour. I can’t wait to watch his career progress, I think he’s going to go very far.

Written By Isabel Mays



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