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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "lonely" - ear candy

This catchy single, "lonely" is about a toxic ex. The song has a light and uplifting melody that has a dreamy flair to it. Ear candy has a distinct voice with a wide range. The melody and amazing vocals helps balance the heavier lyrics. The single reflects on the artist getting sucked back into a cycle with an ex, but also growing and pulling out of a nasty pattern. This track has a coming-of-age feeling that audiences will be beating and resonating with.

The artist brilliantly starts the song acknowledging his relationship is over with his old partner, throughout the song he circles back to feeling needed by this person which shows the listener how the vicious cycle continues. By the end of the song he cuts the person off with the lyrics, "Like it was all a dream". The instrumental interlude after the final chorus is a standout of the song. The interlude is an electric upbeat moment that will have listeners dancing.

Ear candy is Jamie Jordan. He is a singer, songwriter, and producer. The singer describes his edgy bedroom pop sound as the love child of dayglow and panic! at the disco. Jordan is known for his epic live performances. Although his electric stage presence makes the performer look like a veteran, he only recently released his debut single titled, "Over You". The debut track was released in January of 2022 and he has released three singles since.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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