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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Lonely" - TAMS/N OTWAY

“Lonely” is a wispy and soulful song about a partner who only calls you when they’re lonely. Always looking for how you make them feel and never how they make you feel, the partner feels as though they can call on you whenever they want. “Don’t you call me when you’re lonely, I don’t want you honey, I’m so glad that you’re gone”, she defiantly sings. Her voice carries only resistance and no mercy or emotion for her lover.

TAMS/N OTWAY incorporates a variety of genres like retro, dream, and cinematic pop soundscapes as she bounces effortlessly from playful and raw, vulnerable and haunting. Her control over her own image and narrative is so crucial in a world that’s increasingly being run more and more by a team of people rather than someone’s own authentic self. Music is empowering, and her mixed hodgepodge of sounds, emotions, and lyrics is a beautiful melding of everything that makes her so irrefutably herself.

TAMS/N OTWAY is a master of all trades. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, she is irrefutably a creative. Dabbling in singing, songwriting, producing, acting, styling, and designing, she is never satisfied to be labeled as simply one thing. She’s a meshing of so many different skills, talents, and abilities, never satisfied with mastery in only a single subject. Flitting from genre to genre, activity to activity, skill to skill, TAMS/N OTWAY combines her ocean-deep passions together in her music. Looking to release a new album soon, she's excited to showcase her transformative self in every single song.

Written By Megan Cao



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