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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Long Way Around" - Monique Benabou

Monique Benabou releases new single, “Long Way Around,” about embracing the journey that is life. If you’re too focused on an end goal, you can miss the path that gets you there in a blink. People are always going to have an opinion on how you choose to live your life, but you have to drown out their voices, and follow your own trail, even if it’s the one less traveled on. Achieving your dreams doesn’t mean as much if you don't acknowledge the steps that you took, and appreciate the obstacles you had to overcome, to get there. “Long Way Around” proudly advocates for cutting your own path and rising into your unique purposes in this world. Even if you don’t know where you’ll end up, your heart is an inner guide that will always get you to the right place, even if you have to take the long way around to get there.

“Long Way Around” is Monique Benabou’s first single with her new sound. She has a powerful message about purpose and being proud of the destination you’re on, and she wants to share it with the world. Life is not about pleasing others; it’s about fulfilling ourselves, however that may look to bystanders and naysayers. Monique is dedicated to creating intentional works of art. She uses her craft to tap us into our inner strength, hope, and worth as we travel through life. “Long Way Around” carries a message we should all strive to learn from. The ethereal instrumentals with Monique’s powerhouse vocals meld seamlessly to convey a much needed sense of being secure in a world that can feel anything but. It is important to bloom where you’re planted, water yourself, be proud of your seeds, embrace the journey and struggles as you grow, and don’t forget to take a look around as you ascend to the sky.

Monique Benabou is a singer/songwrtier from Los Angeles, California. She first debuted on the NBC singing competition, The Voice, over 10 years ago. Monique has since toured internationally with her music and sound healing experiences. She has made a big name for herself as a powerhouse vocalist and transformational songwriter in the industry. She has worked alongside industry legends like Christina Aguilera, Jason Derulo, and Colbie Caillat, and she’s collaborated with big-name brands like ABC, Disney, and Pepsi Cola. Monique’s mission is to spread messages of unity, hope, and perseverance through her music. She wants to inspire as many people as she can to use their voice and honor their truth. She wants her music to help change the way people view themselves and the path they’re on, and “Long Way Around” is sure to encourage us to stand tall in who we are, and never apologize for where we are on life’s never-ending journey!

Written By Grace Chapman



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