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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "LOOK AT YOU NOW" - Gabriela Bee

Gabriela Bee is here with her first original single, “LOOK AT YOU NOW.” It’s a beautiful song where Gabriela takes a look back on her younger self and wants to reassure her that everything will be okay. She starts the song off by saying the storm is over now, and all you had to do was to find some luck to find yourself. Everything is okay now; you’re doing great and your family loves you, and it goes to show that nothing lasts forever. In the pre-chorus, Gabriela says that she wishes her younger self that she knew everything that was waiting for her, and she says “Don't feel so jaded.” Gabriela switches the vibe in the chorus and says “Look at you now/you’re alive.” She understands that when times are rough, and things are going badly, you’ll be okay eventually. In the second verse, she asks her younger self “Remember what you told me/you felt like everybody you love's gonna leave you.” Gabriela tells her that she shouldn’t feel lonely because she has many people who love and support her in her life. She says “They won’t ignore you” when you get angry because those feelings won’t last forever. The pre-chorus and chorus are repeated, and Gabriela repeats “now they see me,” “now you see me,” and “now I see me” in the bridge. Gabriela composed the perfect song that wonderfully details the feelings about looking back on your younger self.

The overall vibe of “LOOK AT YOU NOW” balances perfectly between nostalgia and uplifting appreciation for your younger self. The reverbed acoustic guitar and the echoes sprinkled throughout really add to this nostalgic and dreamlike feeling that Gabriela is singing about. Then, Gabriela does something unique in the choruses: she intermittently stops the instrumentals, leaving the listeners with just her voice and the harmonies. This not only shows off the great chordal stacking, but adds emphasis to the lyrics. The production throughout the whole track is very detailed and intricate, which produced a very fresh sound. Gabriela's voice is lively and smooth, but it doesn’t come off as too bold or too loud. Overall, the backing track perfectly complements the lyrics Gabriela is singing while also having moments where it shines.

Gabriela Bee is a singer, actress, and a content creator. She first got her start on Vine with her family at only 6 years old. From there, her family created the YouTube channel The Bee Family, which currently has over 10 million subscribers and over 3 billion views across their videos. She has also branched off to make her own YouTube channel, where she has been posting covers for over 4 years. Music has been a passion for Gabriela since she was born. Gabriela has performed at Wembley Arena, music festivals, and even toured with Walk off the Earth. With this single alone, she has shown off her strong songwriting capabilities, her amazing vocals, and her passion for creating quality music.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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