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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Look Up Kid" - Lydia Oliver

I think a lot of us turn to music when we're struggling with our emotions. Music is such a beautiful and powerful thing. It acts an outlet for our negative feelings and has the ability to make us feel better when we need a pick-me-up. When we have no one else around to tell us things will be alright, music is always there for us and acts as a shoulder to cry on. Music can be our best friend in a time of emotional need and unlike people, music is something that will never leave us. "Look Up Kid" by Lydia Oliver is one of those songs that will be there for you. It's a refreshing reminder that you are strong and can make it through anything, paired with one of the most beautiful soundscapes to grace your ears.

The vibe of "Look Up Kid" is a very raw, singer-songwriter and folk influenced indie-pop sound. Even though it's very soft in nature, it still manages to feel positive and upbeat at the same time. Lydia's vocals are very bright and innocent in tone, which gives the song a bit of a twee type of sound quality. The instrumental consists of a very light acoustic guitar picking pattern and my personal favorite type of instrument in any emotional song - orchestral strings. The soundscape of this song is dreamy and euphoric; and paired with the uplifting lyrics, it's bound to make your day better. It might even make you shed a tear or two, just so you can let all the negativity flow out of you.

Lydia Oliver is a Paris, France born and raised artist who has recently moved to London in the United Kingdom. Upon moving, she met multi-platinum producer Eliot James and signed to his label. In 2022 she released 3 singles, including her debut, 'Rain On Your Parade '. 'Look Up Kid ' is her first single of 2023 and is in anticipation of a brand new EP that is in the works for this year. She also is plans to be featured on a song with Eliot's alternative/indie rock band, REUNIØN. If you're excited to hear more from Lydia, make sure to check out her other songs 'Million' and 'Heart Beats Back' while we wait.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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