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  • Conner Pettit

Review: "Loop" - RÓISIN

Love isn’t always concrete. It moves, changes, molds, transforms, sometimes, in painful ways. Róisin’s new song “Loop”, speaks to this apparent ambiguity, with a partner who’s only half-committed and half-invested. She says “I‘m all in, but I’ll never win”, a feeling which many can resonate with, trying "too hard" and abandoning yourself or playing “hard-to-get” and compromising your true feelings. She likens the situation to leaving “the door half-closed” and “pouring salt on love”, a great metaphor for how even slight hesitation can sour the entire experience.

Beginning with energetic, country guitar, the song is punctuated by smooth drum beats and muted-guitar rhythms. As Róisin sings, the track utilizes a rounded, oscillating synth that feels trippy while also contemplative. Similar to well-known artists (notably, Clairo) her voice feels softly pure, playing with vocal layering/harmonies, which provides a comforting warmth to the whole track. Throughout the bridge, the production uses a wavy, ascending guitar riff, pierced by Róisin’s airy, digitally-flavored vocals—a sound which feels akin to being deep-in-thought, surrounded by nature. Although the song doesn't reach a typical climax, the production speaks to the intangible heaviness in even smaller, simpler moments. Towards the end, I really appreciated the breathy vocals and melodic piano, which, as the song replays, creates, in essence, a loop.

Originally raised in New York, Róisin began songwriting (for other artists) before releasing her first single “I Won’t Love” this year. Inspired by Phoebe Bridgers and The Cranberries, her music embraces a playful yet warm energy, using chiller drum beats, beachy production, and relaxing, introspective vocals. Having generated 2,500 monthly Spotify listeners, Róisin’s dreamy, relaxing sound has already clicked with future fans, helped, in part, by her producer Devan Skaggs and Róisin’s natural ear for melody. She released three demos on SoundCloud this year, further showcasing the potential breadth of her music, some digital, some electronic, all maintaining a unique clarity unseen with other artists (my favorite being “Love Song”). Although she has just begun, her talent and precision is evident; I have quickly added her music to my “Spotify liked”— perfect for the next road trip and/or a long night spent contemplating life. I’m excited to see what else she releases!

Written By: Conner Pettit



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