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  • Brielle Pattillo

Review: "Lose It All" - Sam Tompkins

Has there ever been someone in your life that plays such a meaningful role to who you are? They mean so much to you, that even a small piece of their heart makes up your whole puzzle. In “Lose It All”, Sam Tompkins talks about how if he loses that special person, he’ll lose himself completely. If you are ever having those feelings of fear and loss, “Lose It All” is the perfect song for you.

Sam Tompkin’s style throughout this track reminds me a lot of “Justin Bieber” and “Sam Smith” while adding his own unique flare. This intimate pop ballad style of this song perfectly complements the ideas and feelings that Sam is trying to carry. The lyricism that he uses, presents itself in such an endearing way, it makes me feel as though he is speaking to me directly. Pleading for this person to never leave him, for he cannot be able to bare it. The power and rasp that comes from Sam’s voice in this track faultlessly top it off making it all the more appealing.

UK-based artist “Sam Tompkins” started his rise in the music industry by posting covers on YouTube further putting him into a bigger spotlight. He’s been able to gain himself over 200k followers on Youtube allowing him to jumpstart and push out more of the music he makes. His unique storytelling style throughout his music will be a growing inspiration for many new artists finding themselves in the industry.

Written By Brielle Pattillo



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