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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Losing Streak" - Felicia Lu x Aron Matthews x Maël & Jonas

Have you ever felt like life hasn’t been going your way? Like there’s that one day where there’s just a string of bad luck and nothing’s working out. That feeling is what ‘Losing Streak’ is all about. “Did I really think that I could win? All my life, I’ve been treated like a freak.” (Okay, sidebar because WOW. I did not expect to be called out for my past insecurities today. It was unwarranted, but I’m not mad about it!) This somber topic is juxtaposed by an upbeat production that replicates trying to find the bright spots in a dreary place. It’s also super relatable for anyone who’s been longing for better days.

“Brilliant!” is all I have to say about the storytelling here. You’ve got this depiction of a relationship where neither side is noticing how badly the other wants them. They never noticed each other’s signals, and both were left completely heartbroken. The voices of Maël & Jonas and Felicia Lu take turns giving you a passionate, soul-stirring conversation about their past. The electro-pop production style provides a significant tonal contrast to this. Subtle trap influences combine with cool guitar riffs to really build the energy within the song. Now this is a summer anthem to remember!

‘Losing Streak’ is a collaboration between prominent German artists Felicia Lu and Maël & Jonas, as well as Austrian producer Aron Matthews. Lu, now based in Vienna, has competed on the popular Eurovision song contest twice and has garnered immense support for her radio-worthy singles. She also pens and produces her own music, in addition to being a phenomenal singer. The duo Maël & Jonas finished in third place in The Voice of Germany and have gone on to find great success with their releases. What I love about these artists is their vivid lyricism that seems to come so naturally to them. So much so, that you can easily put yourself in their shoes. You’ll really feel seen by their music!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez





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