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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "Lost In Your Eyes" - Ronna Riva

“Lost In Your Eyes” by Ronna Riva captures the essence of a night out with your friends at the club. The music transports you right to the stage, with beats and rhythms perfect for dancing, singing along, and truly getting lost in the music, as Riva sings about being lost in someone’s eyes. She sings about how she is transported into another world every time she looks into someone’s eyes, unable to think about anyone or anything else upon just one glance. Very similar to how once you listen to this song, it becomes hard to think of any other as the catchy tune becomes imprinted in all of our heads after just one single listen.

The intro to this song features a low beat with a masked over, distant voice. This creates a very cool and attention-grabbing effect. It leads beautifully into the first verse, which shows off Riva’s soft voice that blends perfectly with the surrounding music. With the beginning of the chorus, we are once again graced with the pleasure of hearing that same voice from the intro. Coupled with the beat and catchy tone, it makes for a very pop and memorable chorus. “Lost In Your Eyes” also features a bridge that matches impeccably with the song, housing the very vibey voice of Riva urging us all to feel the energy of both her song and the night, which we most definitely do after listening to it in full!

Originally born in Constanta, Romania, Ronna Riva has been on the path to stardom from a very young age. Performing in front of an audience was always something that Riva loved and wanted to pursue. As early as thirteen years old she was part of a project called Viva, which is an organization that allowed Riva to do what she loved and sing in front of huge audiences nationwide. Upon graduation and obtaining her degrees, Ronna shifted her focus wholly to music where she has continued to grow as an artist. She has accumulated a fanbase over the years, with over 100,000 followers on Instagram supporting her. We are excited to see Ronna’s music and career continue!

Written By Molly Schiff



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