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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Love Apart" - Coke Beats x Electra Lovelle

“Love Apart” offers up a rhythmic beat for us to instantly fall for. Coke Beats and Electra Lovelle have created a world where we are able to feel a sense of tension within what was once love. This song lets us see through the window of two people who were once in love but now are left feeling a sense of loneliness. We can experience this powerful emotion of still feeling lonely while together. “Love Apart” pulls us through this difficult story of this couple who has had their ups and downs. While flowing in to hear about; fights, troubles with communication, and past trauma, this song creates great contrast with its upbeat and catchy coords and enchanting tone.

“Love Apart” is engaging right from the start, Electra Lovelle brings us in with her captivating voice while Coke Beats lays down a layer of alluring and different sounds. As the song progresses the beat picks up, bringing us to a place of an electric dance pop anthem. This upbeat tune is perfect for any night out, or simply a fun dance party. “Love Apart” is catchy by nature, giving us the overall sound that we all tend to crave. By pulling in a glowy tone, to adding in a tracking beat to keep the song at a rhythmic pattern, Coke Beats has created his own world that we are able to be invited into.

Coke Beats is a highly accomplished DJ in the music industry, working his way up since the 90’s. He has been featured in millions of TikToks and even had the opportunity to tour three continents. By breaking various barriers Coke Beats has been able to collaborate with a number of talented artists throughout his career, one being Electra Lovelle. Electra is cracking into the media industry as a whole, by involving herself in everything from singing to audio engineering. Make sure to follow both of these amazing artists, and keep up to date with what their next move will be!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen



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