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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Love Goddess" - Maijah

Photo Credits: Melissa Mares

When you’re a person who is so passionate about love and loves so deeply, it’s hard to find a partner that is the exact same way. This passion for love leaves you a little exposed and prone to hurt because you aren’t being loved the way you deserve to be loved. But that’s okay because it shows a level of self-respect for yourself. After all, you know what you’re worth. This is the message Maijah fills in our heads with her latest single, “Love Goddess,” a beautiful ballad on the topic of love and what it is like to love so much, that it’s hard to find someone that gives you that same kind of love. The track serves as a comfort for those who feel the same level of desire for love in such an intense way. The song shows the level of talent that Maijah has, from the transparency and honesty of her songwriting to the ethereal vocal performance. “Love Goddess” truly shows the beauty of being someone who loves with so much, and it’s a song that you’ll want to have on repeat as you immerse yourself in the true beauty of Maijah’s music.

An interesting aspect of the song is the use of the water sounds throughout the track. It’s the first thing we hear in the beginning and it’s the perfect way to set the scene. It also makes the audience feel as if they are sitting next to Maijah on the beach as she sings the song. The makes sure not to overcomplicate the song with too many add-ons, and it works well because it allows the acoustic guitar to stand out more and create a cozier ambiance that makes the song feel much more intimate. The lyrics are very poetic and really help the audience get into Maijah’s head and understand how she feels. The lyrics paint just how much Maijah is able to bend herself just so someone can feel loved, only for them not the give her that same effort. Her voice contributes to the magic of the song as it is smooth yet delicate enough to make you feel the love she gives someone. The harmonies as well help perfect the experience of this song and make the track feel very warm. Overall, the presentation of the song works so well and it’s the perfect song for hopeless romantics who dream of finding someone who gives them the love they deserve.

Maijah is an artist who has been making music her whole life but has been releasing music since 2021. She works hard on her craft as she focuses on making sure her songwriting helps her listeners really get into the role of the songs and help them in any way they can. As she likes to say, she makes “main character music” and it’s a trait that really shines through in her work. While her music is more on the pop side, her work also carries strong influences of jazz and R&B and it’s what really brings the magic of her music to life. Maijah's craft truly does reflect the love she has for creativity and the service she is able to give her fans through her music. She’s also an artist that shows a lot of talent and dedication. Maijah is definitely the pop artist you want to look out for because, with a talent like hers, she’s definitely here to stay.

Written By Chantal Charles


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