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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Love High" - Coely

Being in love is an amazing feeling. Having that emotion for someone and them reciprocating it is a beautiful thing. “Love High” by Coely is a song about that affection towards your lover. The bond between the both of you is so strong and creates a sensation that most people crave. It makes you feel like you two are the only ones in the whole world. They’re the only ones you see in a room full of people. You want to be by their side through everything because of how important they are to you. No one is able to break you apart because of what you have with each other.

The vibe of “Love High” has a pop and R&B feel. Coely has passion while singing about her significant other. She captures the meaning perfectly because of how powerful and emotional her vocals are. She has control in her voice which is captivating to the ears and will make you want to sing along. The upbeat tempo creates a warm experience about being infatuated towards someone tied together with meaningful lyrics which can make the listener feel smitten. The beat matches the energy of Coely’s tone when singing; it shows how slightly contrasted they are to create a balance and form a tuneful melody. Towards the end of the song, there are ad libs to enrich the music. It enhances the instrumental to make you move your body with its catchiness soundscape.

Coely is a singer/songwriter and a hip-hop icon. Her music has welcomed fans from all types of backgrounds and musical tastes. She has released many successful singles, and her album Different Waters went gold in 2018. She’s collaborated with artists, Kungs and Olly Murs on the song, “More Mess” and she wrote, “Hush” for the soundtrack of Tueurs. Coely has won awards such as Best Female Artist, won two MIA awards, and received an Ultima Cultural Award from the Flemish Community. She has enthusiasm and an exceptional voice on stage. She is touring in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Antwerp. If you live in the area, be sure to get your tickets!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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