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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Love & War" - Super Fëmmes

Photo Credits: Anna Vinterfall

Songs about toxic love have come out before. Wanting to be with someone who isn’t good for you isn’t a new concept. Super Fëmmes bring their flair to this songwriting trope. Love and War is the latest installation for the girl group, and it packs a punch. Super Fëmmes takes the classic toxic, love song trope, and leans into it fully. There is no hiding behind it, they know what they want and they're taking it head on. There is no “will they won't they” back and forth in this song. It tells you exactly what it is. An anthem for those of us who revel in the thrill of making bad choices. Falling headfirst into the dramatics and saying I don’t care what people say, I’m going to do what I want.

Super Fëmmes is a group that’s taking us back to the golden era of pop. The early 2000s was the birthplace for RnB infused dance pop. It gave the world some of the most iconic girl groups and Super Fëmmes are aligning themselves with them. The producer of this track, Jakke Erixson meshes the explosive nature of EDM with the soulful bass-driven sounds of RnB perfectly. He has worked with David Guetta and Christina Aguilera on some of their most iconic tracks. He put these skills to Super Fëmmes to create a similar appeal for them. It’s exciting and fun, Super Fëmmes exude a sort of star power that’s setting them up for the big leagues. Love and War is a dance-pop record that hits all the right spots. It makes you miss that wonderful time.

This Swedish girl group is nothing to be messed with. Even though they haven't released as many tracks as Super Fëmmes, the group consists of pop legends. Such as Emilia Mitiku, Denise Lopez, Josefine Willers, and Mia Schotte who on their own have mega star power. The group's incredible voices are memorable and infectious. Even rap verse has a vibe that calls back to icons like Lisa “left eye” Lopes. Super Fëmmes is exactly that. A super fierce group of women making some good pop music.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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