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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Love Who You Want To" - Jordan Suaste

Jordan Suaste’s latest single “Love Who You Want To” is a heartfelt queer anthem about love being the universal glue, and that you should absolutely be able to love whoever you want. It’s such an important message that, while simple, bears repeating in today’s world; with such stringent societal norms and rules, this track is Suaste’s way of breaking free of those chains and embracing the authentic connections between people. That genuineness is exactly what “Love Who You Want To” desires, yearns for. Through its personal and honest approach, interlaced with gentle instrumentals and poignant songwriting, the track becomes clear and direct–  “Love Who You Want To” is just as its title states.

“Love Who You Want To” is easy and uncomplicated, which plays to the song’s strengths so well. Loving should be easy, it should be uncomplicated, and the track’s simplicity reflects that in a really beautiful and poetic way. The instrumentals are fairly sparse, but you’ll be blown away by its composition nonetheless; it grows and grows until it finally culminates in the chorus each time, blooming like a flower. Suaste’s vocals need to be acknowledged, too, for how excellently smooth and elegant they are. Combining that with the songwriting, Suaste’s voice is perfect for the message behind the song’s lyrics. With lines like “Love me like you know tomorrow / ain’t gonna come,” such subtle yet empowering passion, “Love Who You Want To” knows it is a sublime mixture of all the right things coming together. In its straightforward style, this track is immensely effective in modeling the simplicity of loving whoever you wish through its soundscape. Additionally, I think it's vitally important to note the song's position as a track for Suaste's LGBTQ+ forward community, and I believe it achieves that tenfold and then some. That emotional tenderness is something so important to being LGBTQ+, and Suaste wastes no time establishing that connection through the track's authenticity.

With sounds similar to Troye Sivan and Sam Smith, twenty-three-year-old Jordan Suaste is a passionate and creative voice in the world of pop. His musical career began in earnest when he started posting his original songs on Instagram at the age of sixteen, but his 2021 single “If The World Ended Tonight”, which was featured in the Netflix film To All The Boys: Always & Forever, was the catalyst behind Suaste’s dedicated fanbase to continue in its flourishing. In conjunction with his self-penned 2020 debut single “Body” garnering over 72 million streams on Spotify to date, Suaste is a clear trailblazer in the pop genre. Currently, “Love Who You Want To” is Suaste’s latest single, and his first of 2024. To those that enjoyed the track, I encourage you to take a further look at his discography and drop him a follow to keep up with his next releases!

Written By Alexa Leung



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